15 + 1 Fragen an Björn Kleinhenz

Endlich hat es geklappt. Der erste Beitrag in der Serie auf Englisch. Und dann gleich Björn Kleinhenz. Sehr toll!
An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich nochmals bei Jerry bedanken, der mir die Fragen übersetzt hat. Mein Englisch reicht leider nur zum lesen, schreiben ist eher unfreiwillig komisch. Here we go!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself.

Björn Kleinhenz

Björn Kleinhenz. Songwriter and taxi driver from Göteborg, Sweden.

How large is your living space and how many people are you sharing it with?

Björn Kleinhenz - Livingroom

I rent a small room on the groundfloor of our WG where I have my “office/hideout” and then I share a small bedroom with my girlfriend in the actual WG. We´re five people there all together.

Which cities/countries have you lived in?

I grew up in Böblingen (just outside Stuttgart) and then my family moved to two different small towns in southern sweden. just after finnishing school I spent half a year in Ireland, and after a brief period in Lund (just outside malmö) I came to Gothenburg where I´ve now been for six years.

Do your surroundings play a role inside your home? How does your city quarter influence your lifestyle?

Björn Kleinhenz - House

I think alot. I live in a neighbourhood with lots of bars and cafés and “alternative” people. I think that effects the way you live. for good and bad. can be stressful at times living in the middle of the city when you want peace and quiet. but at the same time it´s really quite inspiring. and I am a very spontanaous person. I need a lot of stimulance in different ways.

What jobs have you had?

Björn Kleinhenz - Office

which ones have I not had. I´ve been washing dishes in restaurants, working in paper factories, worked at schools, been a janitor on a ferry, been a postman and now I´m a taxi driver at the moment.

Are you good at making things? Are you a handyman?

I would say yes. working after the motto: “if you can´t fix it with duct tape, you have probably not used enough”. I am definately the handyman around the WG. if something breaks I am most certainly the one who will tend to it. I will probably do a half asses job in fixing it, so I might have to go back to it in half a year to fix it again. hehe.

What do you cook for your best friends? What’s on your plate when you’re short on time?

Björn Kleinhenz - Kitchen

I like inviting people for sunday breakfast. and then I make a huge tofu scramble and some guacamole and a salad and some good cheese and bread. coffe and loads of orange juice. everyone needs orange juice in the morning.
I eat too much out. almost every day. mainly thai, indian or even veggie sushi. and the occasional pizza… bu.

Are surprise visits ok?

I am so used to them now. our flat is a proper Jugend Zentrum at times. sometimes I get fed up by them though. when you´re actually trying to do something it´s quite nice not to have people barking in every half hour for a coffee.

Do you ask guests to take off their shoes?

oh yes! I made a sign saying: “No shoes beyond this point!” and taped up a line. haha.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Björn Kleinhenz - Bedroom

non existing. I don´t know. my mom is a flee mart freak so everytime she comes up to visit she´s got the car full of 50s 60s functionalist crap I have to use. I kind of like it though. I like the teak and the wall hung string shelves. perfect for books and cd´s!

Aside from your bed, what’s your favorite spot at home?

Björn Kleinhenz - Terrass

the roof terrass in the summer. for sure. turning on the colored lights and just hanging out with some music some beer and a few friends talking crap with the roof open and a pale summer sky passing above you. that´s the best.

Which spot do you prefer not to show, and why?

Björn Kleinhenz - Bathroom

the flat is all pretty run down. I don´t care really. I like it all.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture at home?

I have a real nice armchair I love sitting in. it´s kind of shaky and half broke but it´s really nice. I think it´s an old ikea thing actually.

Tell us about your latest unnecessary purchase.

I bought three pretty expensive moleskine notepads in switzerland the other week that I really didn´t need. I have loads of them everywhere.

So, what’s definitely still missing within your walls?

right now a coffee thingie. the one you make coffee with. we don´t have one right now and it kind of pisses me off.

What question have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer it?

This exact question you just asked me. I would answer: Well I just answered it now. Haha. Sorry. Seemed like a funny way to end the interview. Thanks!

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Björns dritter Longplayer Quietly Happy and Deep Inside erscheint Donnerstag den 20.03 bei Ducktape. Review folgt noch (habe die Platte bereits einige Male gehört. Kaufen!)
Björns Website ist vollgepackt mit lustigen Geschichten vom Leben auf Tour und tollen Schnappschüssen.
Zuletzt solltet ihr ihm eine Freundschaft bei myspace spendieren oder zumindest in seine Songs reinhören.

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  1. gemütlich isses da auch. aber er tropft durch die decke im bad! ;) die terasse ist großartig. aber wo ist hakan die möwe?

  2. Die Fotos sind z.T. sehr cool, so von den Farben her. Aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob der Einrichtungsstil so meine Sache wäre, ist doch etwas zu chaotisch.

  3. ich hab sehr gelacht, wie passend, das chaos unter der frage: wie würdest du deinen einrichtungsstil beschreiben! die terrasse ist king.

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