15 + 1 Fragen an Kat Frankie

Kat Frankie

Please take a moment to introduce yourself.

My name is Kat Frankie. I’m a musician from Australia living in Berlin. I’ve made a rather nice album called ‘Pocketknife’.

Song anhören:
[audio:http://solaris-empire.de/CONTENT/ARTISTS/KatMedia/05%20The%20Tops.mp3|titles=The Tops|artists=Kat Frankie]

How large is your living space and how many people are you sharing it with?

Around 60 square metres. I share it with another lovely person.

Which cities/countries have you lived in?

Just Sydney and Berlin.

Do your surroundings play a role inside your home? How does your city quarter influence your lifestyle?

Kat Frankie View Berlin

It’s pretty relaxed where I live, with a few nice cafés and bars around – although it can get noisy sometimes at night. I stay up late and wake up late, so it all fits quite well. I guess where you live will always have some kind of influence on you – whether you realise it or not. These days, Berlin appears in my songs more and more – it sneaks in there without me seeing sometimes.

What jobs have you had?

I worked in a chemist for many years while I was at University. After that I was an Object/Interior designer for a few years. Now I write songs.

Are you good at making things? Are you a handyman?

Actually, yeah. I am. I love making things and fixing things. I give good haircuts too. :)

What do you cook for your best friends? What’s on your plate when you’re short on time?

Kat Frankie Kitchen

For my closest friends, I tend to experiment – I know they’ll forgive me if I mess it up! I love to cook and if it’s a special dinner I always try to invent something new for the occasion. The idea is to combine unusual things in elegant ways. Of course, when there’s not so much time, I cook a lot of asian noodles and pastas.

Are surprise visits ok?

Yes, but definitely not in the morning!

Do you ask guests to take off their shoes?

Sometimes, but I usually forget.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Hmm… I really like combining very very old things with very very new things. I love old Chinese patterns and Victorian era patterns; William Morris – that type of thing. It’s probably a split between the decorative and the functional. The kitchen is a good example. When we moved in, I found an indonesian pattern on the web, enlarged it on the photocopier, hand-cut out a stencil, and then spray-painted an entire wall. The whole thing took me a week and sent me mad. But it’s quite beautiful, and I like the idea of getting a really old-fashioned pattern and re-working it with a modern technique like spray-painting.

Aside from your bed, what’s your favorite spot at home?

Kat Frankie Chairs

It’s always the couch, isn’t it? Actually when I bought my couch it came with two beautiful old armchairs. They sit together like two old ladies and get a lot of sunshine all day – that’s probably the best spot.

Which spot do you prefer not to show, and why?

Well, my apartment isn’t so big, so every inch of it is in use. I don’t think I have a choice in the matter.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture at home?

My favourite piece isn’t really furniture. When my grandmother died, I inherited two brightly painted porcelain cocks (male chickens!). I brought them over to Germany and they now hang proudly on my living room wall. I like how they’re kind of ugly but beautiful at the same time. And of course they remind me of my Nan…

Tell us about your latest unnecessary purchase.

I was thinking about this question for a while, and I actually couldn’t think of anything. A friend of mine said, “cigarettes”, which is a pretty good answer, but I guess it’s not relevant, is it?

So, what’s definitely still missing within your walls?

At the moment I’m awaiting a delivery of some sound-proofing stuff so I can get on with some home recording. Apart from that I could do with a nice thick rug.

What question have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer it?

”Of course!”


Vielen Dank Kat. Und da sie sich so zurückgehalten hat, von ihrer Musik zu erzählen hier noch ein paar Links zum anhören und ansehen ihrer Songs.

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  1. die frage, die sie immer hören wollte und die antwort, die sie darauf geben würde sind sehr großartig.

  2. ich mag deine musik – und wenn man die geschichte kennt sind auch die hähne schön

  3. die tapete rockt jamal. ist das dreck? selbst mit dreck schauts sehr stylisch aus :D.
    aber was viel mehr als die Tapete rockt ist natürlich die Musik. Ich kannte sie gar nicht und überlege grade mir Pocketknife zuzulegen. echt sehr geil

  4. die tapete in der küche… das dachte ich auch schon.. klasse teil. aber ich hatte es mir verkniffen, das hier zu kommentieren ;)