15 + 1 Fragen an Kristoffer Ragnstam

Kristoffer Ragnstam

Please take a moment to introduce yourself

My name is Kristoffer Ragnstam, but my friends call me Krippe or Kris. I’m from Gothenburg/Sweden. When you say Germany! I think happy time with a lot of unhealthy food and beer.

How large is your living space and how many people are you sharing it with?

My place got 3 room and its about 65 sq meters.Share it with one beautiful girl named Mee. We might get a room mate during the summer. Beside the Flat do I own a huge studio with my soulmate Joe. Located by the GBG Harber

Which cities/countries have you lived in?

Besides Gothenburg and Kungälv, have I only lived in Hamburg. I travel tooooo much with my music plus I also suffer from a strong hometown patriotism. That combo make me stay in Gothenburg forever.

Do your surroundings play a role inside your home? How does your city quarter influence your lifestyle?

Kristoffer Ragnstam

My city quarter doesn’t affect me that much, but the smalltown feeling and every-one-knows-every-one vibe, make me very calm. And as I said before I do travel a lot, but if I wouldn’t do that. I guess I might hate Gothenburg. Just because of its small town feeling.

What jobs have you had?

Ohhh were should I start??I’ve been selling tons of stuff. Like flowers, baked potatoes etc. and a lot kinder garden, mostly with mentaly disable kids.

Are you good at making things? Are you a handyman?

I wish! Beside my own drum company do I not have any handyman skills. I realy suck when it comes to crafty things. I like to try, but I mostly need some one else finish what I strated.

What do you cook for your best friends? What’s on your plate when you’re short on time?

Ehh…..probably some swedish traditional food like kalops, but thats a rarely session.I often meet up with my friends at a restaurant and take it from there.

Are surprise visits ok?

Yes they are more than ok. But not at night. I refuse even to pick up the phone night time.

Do you ask guests to take off their shoes?

Of course! Thats common sense! I have more fun stuff to do than pick up and clean after my friends. And I’m a total mess of my own. So it’s a fulltime jobb just to keep after myself.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Kristoffer Ragnstam

Hmm! Open.
Besides my record collection and shoes do I not have that many things. So I guess so-so-open.

Aside from your bed, what’s your favorite spot at home?

Kristoffer Ragnstam

The sofa. Without any doubt. I love that place. I do everything here.

Which spot do you prefer not to show, and why?

The 3rd room. Cause I have way to many unfinished projects there.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture at home?

Kristoffer Ragnstam

The sofa again, plus a couple of oldschool paintings.

Tell us about your latest unnecessary purchase.

Have to be my latest 5 guitars. I’m an ebay addict and I buy to many vintage guitars.If you have a cure for this spell, please call me and help me out!

So, what’s definitely still missing within your walls?

I’m fine at home, but for the studio would I like some Gold records to show off with, I guess you can help me out with that one as well :-).

What question have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer it?

When I’m in the states. Do I want to talk about Berlin. Cause sometime do some people over there think that they live in the center of the world and that nothing happens outside there own state border. That vibe makes me bored.


Kristoffer Ragnstams Album Sweet Bills wird am 18.04.08 bei Weekender Records erscheinen. Hört mal bei myspace rein, es lohnt sich wirklich.

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  1. Das war jetzt wirklich eine Überraschung, dass Du Kristoffer Ragnstam für ein solches Interview an Land gezogen hast. Sehr sympathisch und bodenständig aber das war eigentlich schon vorher klar und seine Musik ist eh klasse! Mit seinem Album “Sweet Bills” hat er es letztes Jahr bei mir unter meine persönlichen Top-Ten-Alben 2007 geschafft und auf das neue Album bin ich schon sehr gespannt. :)

  2. Hab gerade festgestellt, dass Du das Album “Sweet Bills” meintest, also Du von einem neuen Album geschrieben hast. Kann also Deine Empfehlung mal reinzuhören nur unterstützen!

  3. Hallo,

    kennt jemand das Blumen-Photo über der Couch?

    Schaut ziemlich nett aus.