John Stanmeyer über Fotoequipment

It is rudimentary to mention, however I will for the sake of brushing this key aspect not just out from under the rug, but off the cliff of Mount Useless Discussions — a camera (any camera) is a tool, no different than a paint brush, hammer and nail or cooking pots. It is to be used to do something, to create something. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mark these words deep into your conscious — within the next five to tens years (likely less), most professional photographers will be primarily using a camera which is indeed located within something as portable and ubiquitous in our purses/pockets as an iPhone.

Ich sage, dass das maximal noch drei Jahre dauert. Aber egal. Wenn ihr schon wieder über den Kauf der vielleicht doch noch besseren Kamera oder des nächsten Objektives nachdenkt, das endlich bessere Fotos macht: bitte den ganzen Artikel lesen.