15 + 1 Fragen an Jakob Kiersch



Please take a moment to introduce yourself.

Hi, I am Jakob Kiersch. Most of the time I play the drums.

It’s my passion and has been ever since I discovered this unique instrument a long time ago. I have been playing in bands since age 12. I am excited and proud about the recent release of the third album from my band Gods Of Blitz.

It’s titled “Under The Radar” and has some funky tunes. Please check it out! You can also hear me playing with a very talented young singer from Poland named Julia Marcell (also highly recommended!). With Julia we supported „The Dø“ who also answered these questions at some point, what a band! And in order to stay Forever Young, I very much enjoy playing with Alphaville. I live in Berlin and also spend a lot of time in the United States where my love lives. For her to understand this text I am talking in English, hope you don’t mind. Hi babe!

How large is your living space and how many people are you sharing it with?

My apartment in Berlin is big and cheap, Berlin must be one of the last big cities where this is possible.

I share it with my younger brother; it’s a family affair.

Whenever I am in the US I live right in the middle of Pennsylvania, a state which looks like the country side in Germany, only a little bigger.

Over there it is also a family affair, the house is occupied by five girls and two cats.

In the barn live four horses, and in the yard you will see a variety of rodents such as rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks and crows! Always something going on….

Which cities/countries have you lived in?

I was born and grew up in Hannover, a town that tries to be a city. However, there is lots of green there.

Especially since the world exhibition in 2000 it’s a very clean environment. As a teenager I went to the US for a year and lived on a farm. At some point I moved to Berlin; it is simply the best city in Germany, especially for artists.

Do your surroundings play a role inside your home? How does your city quarter influence

your lifestyle?

Yes, it is important, but I don’t care if I have to ride a little in order to get to my favourite places. It’s humbling to live in socially weaker areas… very helpful in order to not lose touch. Bloom where you are planted.

What jobs have you had?

In my younger days, I took care of elderly people for a long time. I stuffed thousands of letters in envelopes, worked as a night guard, conducted interviews at airports, sold pictures in a gallery….all these little things in order to survive and pursue being a musician.

Are you good at making things? Are you a handyman?

I guess so. At least things that I build or repair don’t fall apart again right away! I actually enjoy renovating and putting fresh paint on walls and things, especially the second layer.

What do you cook for your best friends? What’s on your plate when you’re short on time?

Lamb-chops from the grill and potato gratin (the Americans say au gratin, and when they say it it sounds like “rotten”. Has always made me wonder….) Quick and good is my motto and I love pasta in any kind, of course!

Are surprise visits ok?

Yes, please! The older we get the more we forget about this. Cell phones definitely add a strange flavour to it.

Do you ask guests to take off their shoes?

Everyone as they please, I personally prefer to be without shoes, feels better.

How would you describe your decorating style?

I don’t know really, but I seem to manage to turn places into cozy spaces.

Aside from your bed, what’s your favorite spot at home?

I always come back to sitting at kitchen tables most of the time.

In the US, it is a little house behind the real house called “summerkitchen”.

I can play my practice drums and look into the green park. Heaven!

And not to forget the good old front porch, of course.

Which spot do you prefer not to show, and why?

Got nothing to hide.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture at home?

All the furniture in my apartment is a collection of things that came to me or that I found or that I got for cheap. I guess the time for the real pieces of furniture is still to come…

Tell us about your latest unnecessary purchase.

No such thing.

So, what’s definitely still missing within your walls?

The couch that Oliver Korritke has in his apartment.

What question have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer it?

This question sounds best in German: Lernt man aus? AUS?

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7 Reaktionen zu “15 + 1 Fragen an Jakob Kiersch”

  1. Grandios! Die Antworten, die Bilder, einfach das gesamte Interview. Mit Abstand, das beste 15+1 seit langem.

    Habe Herrn Kiersch auch schon live gesehen. Hier in Hamburg mit Julia Marcell, hat mir gut gefallen. Ich finde die Mischung, Julia Marcell und Gods of Blitz sehr cool. Hat mich beim Konzert schon zum Schmunzeln gebracht, als Julia das erwähnt hat.

  2. Oh, Herr Roitsch, dann haben wir das ja gleichzeitig gesehen.

  3. Insgesamt sehr gelungen,aber hab ich irgendwas überlesen? Wieso auf englisch und nicht auf deutsch wenn der in Hannover geboren ist?!

  4. @ Dennis: Insgesamt wohl nicht gelesen? =)

    “I live in Berlin and also spend a lot of time in the United States where my love lives. For her to understand this text I am talking in English, hope you don’t mind. Hi babe!”

  5. Wow, schon so lange keine 15+1 Fragen mehr und dann gleich so ein grandioses Interview!

  6. Diese Osterhasen-Weihnachtsmännerkollektion verschiedener Jahrgänge habe ich auch bei mir stehe. Sehr hübsch.

  7. Ein wirklich sehr gelungenes Interview, und die Bilder sind auch ganz herrlich!

    Hoffentlich können wir uns in der dunklen Jahreszeit weiterhin an neuen 15+1 erfreuen!

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